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What Your Doctor Doesn't Know... Or Is Afraid To Tell You About Weight Loss

"​Just eat less and exercise more"... "You have to burn more calories than you eat"... "Try running"... "Don't eat after 7pm"... "You just need to get up and move more"...​​

These are some of the things you've probably been told about how to lose weight. And they're all myths. And it's not like they just discovered these myths... they've known this since the 60's and 70's when they did research on the subject. So why are doctors still spewing this false information? Honestly... most of them simply don't know the truth about weight loss.​​ If you are looking for a new way to gamble online, then you may want to consider trying crypto casinos. While you may not be familiar with crypto payments, these virtual currencies are relatively anonymous, so you aren't at risk of being scammed or losing your hard-earned money. Crypto payments are also safer than using credit or bank cards because there are no transaction fees.crypto casinos online However, beware of rogue crypto casinos. These sites often prey on those who can't access other online casinos.

By the time you're done reading this you’ll know the truth... and exactly what you can do to start making a change.

Overweight and obese are actually medical terms and they significantly increase your risk for diabetes, heart disease, stroke, cancer and even Alzheimer’s. A recent study in the most prestigious medical journal in the world, the New England Journal of Medicine, proved that being overweight equals premature death. The study showed that an extra 25 pound weight gain over the age of 40 years old meant that you have a 75% greater risk of heart attack or another cardiovascular event like stroke.

But why are so many people overweight and obese... and why can't they seem to lose the weight and keep it off? I think we can find the answer by looking at what has changed drastically over the last 40-50 years. So lets start with how the body handles the process.​​

There are seventy trillion cells inside your body. All these cells are working without our day to day input.  And your body is designed to be self-healing and self-regulating. All that can happen effectively when there is no interference with the process. 

When we talk about things like weight loss resistance, thyroid issues, diabetes and hormone imbalance, you have to look for the interference in the process. This may not be what you want to hear, but weight gain, weight loss resistance, fatigue, insulin resistance, brain fog and all the other things you may be experiencing right now are symptoms of an unhealthy body. Most of the time this process started some time ago and the symptoms showed up later.

According to a huge number of different research studies and articles (also featured on the front cover of Time Magazine) we know that one of the greatest things that can affect your body is inflammation.

This inflammation is different than if you stepped wrong and sprained your ankle. That's a localized inflammation. When we talk about cellular inflammation, we are talking about every cell in your body. And what happens is the cell membrane, which is a "phospholipid bilayer" (double layer of fat) becomes inflamed. That’s a big deal to you because it's then much more difficult for things that are outside of the cell to get inside of the cell.

What also happens with cell inflammation, is anything that happens inside the cell causes byproducts and waste like exhaust from your car.  But when you have cellular inflammation, the cell membrane can't vent that exhaust smoke out, so you end up with smoke inside the cell.  Then all the things that are supposed to happen inside the cell, they don't work well and can't transfer things in or out.  It's like having a smoldering campfire in your living your with no ventilation out.  You have to decrease cellular inflammation in order to get the by products out of the cell effectively so your body can excrete them properly.

By the way, inside the cell is where our mitochondria are and is where your body actually produces energy. So when people that have hormone issues, especially with the thyroid hormone, have things like fatigue and constipation and dry hair, yet they go and they get blood work done and it comes back "normal." You might be one of these people. You have all of the symptoms, yet you go to your doctor and your doctor says, "There's nothing wrong with you. Your hormones are normal."

And your hormones may test normal… but nothing can get in and out of the cell properly so those mitochondria can produce energy. If fatigue is one of the things that you're dealing with along with your weight loss resistance… if you don’t address the inflammation, then you're just going to find another program that fails you.

One of the greatest causes of this inflammation is toxicity.

Toxins are everywhere, we live in a sea of toxins. And they cause inflammation and block your hormones from working accurately with your receptor sites and cells. So what your body does is surround these toxins with fat in order to try and protect you. The problem is that leads to weight gain and stubborn weight loss resistance. Your cellulite is a perfect example of this. But if you were to remove those chemicals (poisons) the body would no longer need to hold onto that fat, and you would lose weight. Does that make sense?

We deal with thousands of toxins in the air. Thousands of toxins in our food. Conventional, NON-organic foods are sprayed with millions of gallons of chemicals in the form of herbicides and pesticides. Not to mention the genetically modified organisms they are using to start with.

They are finding anti-depressants in our water supply. These are psychotropic, brain altering chemicals that get into our bodies through the water supply. They cause hormone disruption, toxicity and inflammation.

How about skin care products? Your shampoo, deodorant, lotions, makeup and more. Thousands of known toxins are in the products you are putting directly on your skin on a daily basis. Your skin is you biggest organ and absorbs these toxins directly. Fifty-four known carcinogens (known to cause cancer) are found in some lipsticks alone.

The average American consumes about fourteen pounds of coloring and additives every year.

Other things in the world of toxicity are things called "heavy metals” like mercury and lead. These heavy metals compete for binding sites with your hormones. You've heard of the term "insulin resistance." It’s when insulin cannot go from your blood to the inside of your cell. Your cell is literally resistant to the insulin coming inside.

So these toxins and heavy metals cause inflammation, they disrupt your cellular ventilation, they compete for receptor sites on your cells, they disrupt your hormones and they basically clog up your bodies filters… especially the liver and kidneys. And when they get clogged and can no longer filter out normal waste, they dump it right back into the blood stream.

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All these toxins and stresses on your body are cumulative. Imagine if you didn’t change your oil filter in your car for 30 years. What about you’re A/C filter? Your vacuum? What if you never cleaned your clothes dryer lint trap or vent? (Please tell me you’re cleaning your dryer vent 🙂 )They would all break down like your body may be right now.

It doesn't mean you have to live this way

So what’s next for you? Where do you start so you can overcome the toxicity… the inflammation and the hormone resistance to finally overcome your weight loss resistance?


Arbonne’s 30 Days To Healthy Living Program has helped thousands and thousands of people lose weight and get their health back on track with tremendous results. It's used to help your body detox and get back to a state of health. There was a time when you could simply cut out the bad things and your body would detox naturally (and it still does to a point). But with the amount of chemicals and stress we put on our bodies… sometimes the body needs a little help.


Arbonne follows a European Standard of Care. This means they are much more stringent in their testing than the United States and they test for nearly 1,300 toxic ingredients. The US FDA only tests for and bans roughly 7-9 ingredients annually. So you can be assured you will get high quality ingredients.

By the name you realize it’s a 30 Day program so you have time to actually change your habits and start the healing process. You will learn how to eat… what to eat… and when to eat. You will be eating real food. It will guide you in weekly grocery lists with recipes and it will show you how to utilize the supplementation that’s involved.  And if you're worried about flavor, time needed, and "being full"... don't worry... we know those things go through every "dieters" mind.  That's why you eat REAL FOOD... and real food keeps you full longer than processed foods.

You will also get an amazing accountability team that uses private Facebook groups to mentor, and each of them has successfully lead thousands of people through these programs.

Here’s what you get in your kit. Two bags of high quality Protein Shake Mix… chocolate or vanilla… your choice. And what makes this protein special is it’s vegan, dairy free and gluten free... and it scores 100% on the amino acid scale… so it’s a complete profile. And two bags have 60 servings.

You also get a bag of Arbonne Essentials Daily Fiber Boost. Our fiber is a pure fiber. It's very fine. You can cook with it. You can put it in soups or right into your protein shakes. It’s smooth and mixes well. The purpose of fiber is to help detoxify your system and help push the sugar through your body so that you can get rid of it.

You will also get a one month supply of Arbonne Essentials Digestion Plus. These are the good bacteria you need to start re-populating in your gut. Not only is this a probiotic… but this is also a prebiotic. Probiotics are live bacteria and live things need to eat. So this has the enzymes needed to feed the bacteria so that your bacteria can survive in your belly and you'll keep more of them.

And this is one of my favorites. Energy Fizz Sticks! And it’s called Fizz Sticks because it creates a fizzy carbonation. We are literally giving you an energy drink that's purpose is to alkalize your system. It gives you four to eight hours of non-stimulant energy per day. It's chocked full of B vitamins for immune boosting and it also has a natural botanical to help balance stress hormones. One or two of these per day and you’re set. You get two boxes… which is 60 energy drinks.

Next thing… you get two boxes of Arbonne Essentials Herbal Detox Tea. This detox tea is a mild tea. You can do it either cold or hot. We recommend one to two per day. The purpose of this tea is to flush the liver… flush the kidneys and pull the extra water and unwanted inflammation out of your system.

​The last supplement that you get in your kit is your 7-Day Body Cleanse. It's one week long and you simply have one drink per day and you keep everything else the same. Our support team explains to you exactly how to do this. But this is what's going to help restore and rebuild the cells in your body and it's going to help flush all the unwanted toxins out.

​So you get two bags of protein, a bag of fiber, two boxes of energy drinks, a box of probiotics, two boxes of tea and a seven-day cleanse. That's what comes in the kit.

Now… there are two supplements that I recommend that you add to the kit in a couple of circumstances. Number one is if you have a sweet tooth. These Arbonne Essentials Fit Chews are to die for. I have a terrible sweet tooth which is why I love these suckers. They come in chocolate, caramel and lemon. They are low glycemic and they help alkalize the system. They are appetite controlling and they help you with your sweet tooth. I need all of those things. They're only 16 bucks a bag and it comes with 30 chews. The chocolate tastes like a Tootsie Roll. The caramel tastes like a Caramel Ball. The Lemon has like a nice, zingy flavor so it's not quite so sweet. Really good additive if you are a sugar junkie like myself.

All right. The last thing I want to talk about from a supplement standpoint is our Arbonne Evolution for Weight Management Metabolism Support. If you are somebody that's specifically looking to lose weight, if you're somebody who is battling type II diabetes, you are weight loss resistant, or you know you're insulin resistant, our Metabolism Support is amazing. It's all natural and utilizes a green coffee bean extract to boost thermogenesis. Thermogenesis is your fat burning regulation. This helps to boost that. On top of that, it contains a natural botanical called Staval that naturally blocks the absorption of sugar in your small intestine so that your body has to utilize the sugar stores that you have saved… and it just bypasses and gets rid of all the sugar that you're in taking immediately. It's an amazing addition to the program. It's $48 for an entire bottle. One or two per day. This is the only pill in our program.

So what does it cost? The full kit is $520 retail (Fit Chews and Metabolism Support are additional). However… when you decide to become a preferred customer with Arbonne you can get a tremendous discount so the kit is only $281 (plus shipping and tax when applicable). There are no auto-ships or anything like that… you simply become a preferred customer so Arbonne gives you a screaming discount. You'll even get a discount on the Metabolism Support and Fit Chews.  All you have to do is decide and commit. They even throw in a really cool free gift (roughly $50) just for committing to your health. You’ll be able to choose your gift when you order now.

All you have to do is click the button below to get started and take advantage of this offer. You will see a video that takes you through the process click for click.

In fact Arbonne is so confident in the quality of the program that if you are not completely satisfied with the products you can return them within 45 days for a complete refund. Here’s their guarantee word for word:

Client Product Guarantee Policy. A forty-five (45) day money-back guarantee is offered on all Arbonne Products. Clients who are not completely satisfied may return products to their Arbonne Independent Consultant for a replacement or full refund within forty-five (45) days from the client purchase date (not including shipping charges). Online client purchases may be returned directly to Arbonne for replacement or full refund within forty-five (45) days from the client purchase date (not including shipping charges). A signed and fully completed Product Return Form must accompany a product return. Please allow four (4) to six (6) weeks for processing. Promotional products and gift items may not be available for replacement, and may, at Arbonne’s discretion be exchanged for an item of equal value.

It’s pretty hard to go wrong with that kind of guarantee. You are either satisfied or you get your money back. And I should mention that the Arbonne returns department only gets about .05% returned from ALL their products.  That's 5 out of every 10,000 products sold... and that's pretty spectacular and should give you even more confidence to get started now.
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Simply click the button below to get started and take advantage of this life-changing offer.  Based on what you've watched, read and all the success stories below... I challenge you to take the next step with Arbonne's 30 Days To Healthy Living Program.

If you have questions please feel free to text me and I can answer your questions (727) 344-9151 (eastern time zone).  If I can't answer them that way we can make time to get on the phone.  I look forward to seeing you in the groups and seeing your success story like the ones below.

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If you have questions please feel free to text me and I can answer your questions (727) 344-9151 (eastern time zone).  If I can't answer them that way we can make time to get on the phone.  I look forward to seeing you in the groups and seeing your success story like the ones below.

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